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Third-party company accredited by Accredia (certificate n.112E) as a type A inspection body pursuant to the standard UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 - Conformity assessment - Requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection. The accreditation is valid for inspections on offshore containers:
UNI EN ISO 10855-2:2018 Offshore containers and associated lifting sets - Part 2: Design, manufacture and marking of lifting sets UNI EN ISO 10855-3:2018 Offshore containers and associated lifting sets - Part 3: Periodic inspection, examination and testing Visual inspections are also carried out: DNVGL-ST E271 2.7-1 Offshore Container: This standard applies to offshore container transport requirements in relation to design, production, testing, certification, marking and periodic inspection. Visual inspections are also carried out: EN 13018:2016 Non-destructive testing -Visual testing - General principles. The standard specifies the general principles for visual testing both directly and remotely when it is used to determine the compliance of a product with specified requirements (e.g. surface condition of the part, alignment of mating surfaces, shape of part). The standard does not apply to viewing activities linked to the use of any other destructive or non-destructive test method. The remote internal video inspection service via video camera of pressure vessels, such as separators, delivery and suction lungs, but also coflexip, proved to be a useful method for checking the internal surface state of components and welds (offered a detailed view even difficult or inaccessible places)


The accreditation is valid for the witness service during the pressure tests according to Customer specifications. As an accredited body, the IOV IT-Servizi S.r.l. can acquire the Customer specification and make them applicable and replicable with international validity, under the supervision of Accredia. The service is also used during inspection according to DS-1® standards, DRILL STEM INSPECTION inspection standard for tubular drilling products, DS-1® DRILLING SPECIALTY TOOLS standard for maintenance and qualification of special drilling tools and completion, standard API for product verification used for the global oil and natural gas industry. The witness service is also carried out in conjunction with ten-year Derrick / Mast and Substructure checks according to API standards.


The purpose of the activity is to verify and monitor a supply requested by the Customer during manufacturing; it is to verified that the suppliers comply with the requirements of the customer's order, respecting the terms and delivery times. The goal of this activity is to thoroughly examine all aspects of the supply, suggest any solutions in order to comply with delivery times and any relevant regulations and finally promptly inform the customer about the real progress of the order.


The training service, for the UNI EN ISO 10855-1,2,3:2018 standard, was introduced to maintain a high technical profile of the operators of the various companies who every day are in close contact with the equipment most commonly used in this field and subject to periodic checks as also required by Legislative Decree 81/08.