Petrochemical Oil & Gas
Internationally accredited

Inspection and technical assistance services at every stage of the project until certification is achieved. Company accredited by ACCREDIA - Italian Accreditation Body - for ISO 17020: 2012 type A, for the UNI EN ISO 10855-1-2-3: 2018 standard - structures at sea and related lifting devices and Off -shore containers for pressure testing according to customer specifications.

Inspections and operation verification


Design, manufacture and marking


Load Test, Pull Test


Periodical Inspection


Pressure Test


Offshore Units


Video Inspection
Satisfied customers
Expertise, competence and technical experience in oil & gas and petrochemical fields; talent in understanding and satisfying costumers' needs.
Ever growing like our projects with particular care to prevention safety.

Our mission is our reason to be and that is what we do every day to achieve it: to safeguard people and the environment. For This Porpouse, we collaborate with customers to achieve lasting results, and help them achieve goals of maximum security to protect people and society. From our leading position in our business, we innovate and expand in new market segments and geographic areas. We provide integrated solutions and are at the forefront of every professional activity, being always at customer disposal for an immediate response to their needs.


Our aspiration and source of growth and motivation is to be a key reference point and support for all those companies whose goal is the people safety and the protection of the environment. As well as perceiving and facing all the problems of our customers, in order to provide them adequate technical support. Our aim is to become the protagonists in our business in each of our areas of expertise and market.