Our Vision

Our aspiration and source of growth and motivation is to be a key reference point and support for all those companies whose goal is the people safety and the protection of the environment. As well as perceiving and facing all the problems of our customers, in order to provide them adequate technical support.

Our aim is to become the protagonists in our business in each of our areas of expertise and market.

Our Contacts


Legal Address: Via Arapietra, 29 65124 PESCARA (Italia)

VAT Number: 02029840689

Operational Base: Via Giovanni Chiarini, 53/2 66126 Pescara (Italia)

Phone: +39 0857950400 - Cell: +39 3208152172

Website: www.iovitservizi.com

E-Mail: info@iovitservizi.com - segreteria@iovitservizi.com - info@pec.iovitservizi.com


Legal Address: Str. Podgoriei, Nr.6 A, BI.8, et.2, Ap. 12, Boldesti Scaieni, Prahova ROMANIA