Our Values

Integrity Independence Reliability Professionalism

These values represent for us the guiding principles of our personal and professional actions, and are indispensable to create a relationship of trust with our customers, suppliers, partners and employees, and to meet the needs of the market. These principles are fundamental so that anyone who approaches us, can rely not only on the quality of the service but also on these intrinsic values to our behavior.

Our Contacts


Legal Address: Via Arapietra, 29 65124 PESCARA (Italia)

VAT Number: 02029840689

Operational Base: Via Giovanni Chiarini, 53/2 66126 Pescara (Italia)

Phone: +39 0857950400 - Cell: +39 3208152172

Website: www.iovitservizi.com

E-Mail: info@iovitservizi.com - segreteria@iovitservizi.com - info@pec.iovitservizi.com


Legal Address: Str. Podgoriei, Nr.6 A, BI.8, et.2, Ap. 12, Boldesti Scaieni, Prahova ROMANIA