Our Projects

With experience in Italy and Congo, and expanding opportunities in Continental Europe, we are internationally available to fully meet our customer’s demands. IOV IT-Servizi aims to achieve other accreditations from ACCREDIA - Italian Accreditation Body – such as EN ISO/IEC 17065:2018 (Conformity assessment). In the coming years, IOV-IT Servizi plans to open branches abroad in order to seize development opportunities.

News: In february-2019, IOV IT-Servizi has established a branch office in Romania to increase the operations into that significant drilling region.

Our Contacts


Legal Address: Via Arapietra, 29 65124 PESCARA (Italia)

VAT Number: 02029840689

Operational Base: Via Giovanni Chiarini, 53/2 66126 Pescara (Italia)

Phone: +39 0857950400 - Cell: +39 3208152172

Website: www.iovitservizi.com

E-Mail: info@iovitservizi.com - segreteria@iovitservizi.com - info@pec.iovitservizi.com


Legal Address: Str. Podgoriei, Nr.6 A, BI.8, et.2, Ap. 12, Boldesti Scaieni, Prahova ROMANIA