Our mission

Our mission is our reason to be and that is what we do every day to achieve it: to safeguard people and the environment.

For This Porpouse, we collaborate with customers to achieve lasting results, and help them achieve goals of maximum security to protect people and society.

From our leading position in our business, we innovate and expand in new market segments and geographic areas.

We provide integrated solutions and are at the forefront of every professional activity, being always at customer disposal for an immediate response to their needs.

Our Contacts


Legal Address: Via Arapietra, 29 65124 PESCARA (Italia)

VAT Number: 02029840689

Operational Base: Via Giovanni Chiarini, 53/2 66126 Pescara (Italia)

Phone: +39 0857950400 - Cell: +39 3208152172

Website: www.iovitservizi.com

E-Mail: info@iovitservizi.com - segreteria@iovitservizi.com - info@pec.iovitservizi.com


Legal Address: Str. Podgoriei, Nr.6 A, BI.8, et.2, Ap. 12, Boldesti Scaieni, Prahova ROMANIA