Ethical code

Our core values, Integrity and Impartiality in judgment, were developed in the context of a Code of Ethics, drawn up with the aim to provide clear guidance for all internal and external collaborators, who have formally pledged to sign and respect it. Ethics, integrity and transparency are the core values of the policies and behaviour of IOV It-Servizi and the entire organization has learned to move forward, to think and act, respecting different cultures and local traditions, according to ethical principles universally recognized.

The Code of Ethics of the IOV IT-Servizi ensures the integrity of services, avoids conflicts of interest and encourage a correct and fair competition on the market and provides values and behaviours more restrictive than those established by law.

In addition to the fundamental principles, directly implemented in company's procedures, the Code, as signed by all the company’s employees and external collaborators, provides practical examples that give a clear indication of how to behave in risk situations or in cases of doubt. It is therefore clear the involvement of all the resources, committed personally to ensure full compliance with the Code of Ethics, making sure that it will become a natural part of everyday working life, integrating its requirements in daily life, turning it into a cultural factor and a point of reference always present.

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